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5 Ideas to Improve Customer Loyalty with SMS

  • 3 March 2017
  • Author: Sean Mcdonald
  • Number of views: 2516
5 Ideas to Improve Customer Loyalty with SMS

If you haven’t started using text messaging to build a more personal relationship with your customers then you should start now. Texting is so personal, that its typically reserved for the people closest to us like family and friends. It’s the one device that travels with us no matter where we go. Knowing how personal the mobile device is, you should appreciate that your customers have let you into their “circle of trust,” and not misuse this powerful vehicle. If you want to create a solid foundation for all of your future mobile initiatives follow these best practices:

1. Create Your Unique Value Proposition

What can you deliver to your customer that is important enough that your potential mobile subscribers should let you in their 'circle of trust'? I’m not sure about you, but every time I receive a text message, my phone notifies me with a sound or vibration. I’m going to make an educated guess and state that you receive all of your text notifications as well. Would you be disappointed if you received yet another text offer that was also then found duplicated in your email in box? Takeaway: Make sure your message delivers differentiated value.

2. Promote Your Value and Grow Your Lists

Now that you’re offering this exclusive and different way to engage with your customers, how are you going to create awareness? That's easy... 'Everywhere.'  Add a 'call-to-action' on your social media posts, even create a teaser in your emails. Most people won't read your emails , but it's a channel to consider nonetheless. There should be in-store (if you have physical locations) signage promoting your unique content and offers. Do your customers receive an automated message when your  menu's change? If not, that’s another opportunity to promote your business.  Takeaway: Make sure the customer's first interaction with your loyalty program is a good one, and deliver the value you offered.

3 Keep It Simple

Use a keyword 'call-to-action' that is easy to remember. Example: “Text WIN to 12345” for a chance to win a store gift card. If you’re driving them to a mobile website, make sure your site is mobile friendly. Please make sure your mobile website is friendly. MOBIT messages can include automation links to mobile optimized pages. It's super easy to create enticing pages with your special offers and content using our 'drag and drop'  landing page editor. With customers looking for you whilst 'on the go', you need to make sure their experience is simple, and they can find what they are looking for easily. Are employees aware of redemption procedures if you’re giving away prizes? If you’re promoting an event, make sure to clearly define where the event is being held and at what time. Takeaway: Keep it simple.

4. Be Consistent

This is the one of the most important things to do. Make sure your customers are used to hearing from you and understand what they should expect from being a member of your list or loyalty program. Don’t send a message per week for three weeks and then take a three-month break. If your customers are used to hearing from you, then create an expectation for the type of communication they are going to receive. If you fail to communicate with them for a few months and then hit them with 10 messages the following month, they'll more than likely opt-out. We've watched this happen many times with our MOBIT clients that have either a) come from other SMS platforms, or b) have been doing the same thing with email. Remember to ask yourself, why is that message so important, and how can you make the value unique and exclusive to your mobile list? Takeaway: Consistency is key to your messaging plan.  If you do not have a content plan and schedule, then create one.

5. Test, Learn, and then Repeat (aka - Rinse and Repeat)

Now is the time to try new ways to connect with your customer. Track what types of offers receive the best results; see which messages drive more traffic to your MOBIT landing pages or your store, and try asking members what types of messages they’d like to receive. If at any point you are unsure of what to say to your Mobile Club members just look back to best practice #1 and ask yourself, “what value am I offering today?” Takeaway:  There is no better way to learn what your customers want, than by asking them! Alright. Now you know some of the basics to offering a valuable SMS Loyalty program for your customers. Let me know how this goes and leave questions in the comment section.


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