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5 Reasons Your Business Should Use Mobile Messaging and Marketing Automation

  • 2 June 2015
  • Author: Sean Mcdonald
  • Number of views: 1740
5 Reasons Your Business Should Use Mobile Messaging and Marketing Automation

If you're considering using mobile messaging to actively engage your customers you're in the right place. Did you know that $698 billion of in-store retail sales are influenced by mobile? If you look at some of the top retail brands using mobile, you'll notice that many of them use mobile messaging as a key part of their communication strategy.

What is mobile messaging?

Mobile messaging can include SMS (text) messaging, MMS (multimedia messaging), push notifications and even mobile wallet campaigns. Here are 5 reasons your small business should use mobile messaging:

1. Convenience

With mobile messaging, consumers can receive promotional information faster and more frequently in an uncluttered environment. Did you know that over 90% of SMS text messages are read within three minutes? Yeah.

There aren't any channels that are immediate as that, I can tell you that much. On top of that, about 98% of mobile devices can receive SMS messages. And lets not kid ourselves...when was the last time you didn't see a text message that you received?

2. Shareable

Mobile messages can be easily passed onto a spouse and/or friends by forwarding the text message. This one is pretty simple, I know. When I get texts from friends I read them so when a friend forwards me something that's cool or interesting it cuts through the clutter with a higher level of trust than anything else.

3. It's Simple

Mobile messages break through the clutter and allow for faster communications with less effort. Your customers don't need to download an app giving you the most reach out of any mobile channel. 160 characters is all you have when using SMS which means you need to be short, sweet and to the point. Your customers will appreciate short and simple.

4. Deliver Real Time Info

Mobile alerts keep active consumers informed about special offers, loyalty rewards and new merchandise. One our clients runs a golf course in Texas and if you've watched the news, they've been getting a lot of rain lately. Well, one of their courses was one of two that was open the other day in the entire area. They sent a message letting their subscribers know that they are open and you could enjoy a nice round of golf as a nice break from all the rain they've been having. Guess what? That message put people on their course. With the over 90% of messages being read within 3 minutes, your time sensitive, real time communications will get through to your customer.

5. It's Timely

Reminder and or location alerts can help increase email opens, redemption rates and increase frequency. If you've sent customers an important email that you need to get open, you can send an SMS message to remind them to open that email. Do that and watch your email open rates jump. I've watched brands do this the last few years, why not try this in your own business. Have you been to a Bed Bath & Beyond lately? When you're in the checkout aisle, there is a nice big sign telling you to to join their mobile alerts program good on that very purchase! Talk about timely offer for your customers that leads to opportunity to market to them and bring them back in the future. You'll want to leverage a strong on boarding campaign to get them to come back and shop with you over the next 30 days.

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