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Why Your Business Should Work With A Mobile Marketing Agency

  • 26 May 2015
  • Author: Sean Mcdonald
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Why Your Business Should Work With A Mobile Marketing Agency

Do you struggle to do it all as a small business owner? You're responsible for so much... You may have even said "I wear so many different hats." In a study by Constant Contact they found that 43% of small business owners felt the most difficult part of running their business was wearing many hats.  

Whether it's marketing, client services, accounting, IT systems or HR. Dozens of other things make up your day to day. On the flip side, the best part of running a small business was freedom (90%) and control (30%).  These are great benefits right? So why are 70-hour work weeks the norm for entrepreneurs? Even when working 70 hour weeks it's impossible to get everything done yourself. It will even stress you out. We know, we've been there. Let's just look at your marketing for a minute.

Doesn't it feel impossible to keep up with all the new digital channels and changes ?

No matter what product or service your business offers, attracting new customers on a regular basis is a high priority. It also takes time. So, on top of doing everything for your business, today's SMB owner is faced with the daunting task of managing social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube etc), paid search, SEO, email, websites, blogs, content marketing, list management, mobile etc. 

Big companies dedicate entire teams to each of these individual areas. As you can see, it's an uphill battle for SMB owners. This makes implementing an effective marketing plan that won't double your workload an important business task. As a business owner you have a business to run. The Constant Contact study shows that SMB's actually find pleasure in trying new things, learning and being in charge. We talk to clients all the time that want to do it themselves (DIY), but they also realize that there are simply too many things to understand and monitor in addition to running their business. 

You hear things such as 67% of users are more likely to buy from a mobile friendly site, and 37% of all internet usage is from a mobile device. It's important you know these things but is it important that YOU are the one that takes the action? That's why hiring the right mobile marketing partner can offer relief in many ways. You’ll free up time for other important tasks and make the most of your marketing budget by taking advantage of all the resources and specialized knowledge offered by a team of experts. The right partner will also educate you and empower you to be involved vs the full-blown "do-it-for-me" approach. As a small business owner, you'll be more satisfied and you'll benefit from having the partner do most of the heavy lifting. Still undecided? Here are 7 reasons why your SMB should work with a mobile marketing agency.

1. Save Money

If you're overwhelmed by the prospect of mobile marketing but, don’t have the budget for additional employees, an outside agency may just be the solution. Hiring a marketing agency on retainer with a monthly commitment is less expensive than you think. What do you think it costs to hire an in-house marketing manager? Working with an agency costs small businesses less than half of what it would take to hire within. Smaller companies often do not require a full time mobile marketing person. Many SMB's find that 8 hours per week (or less) is sufficient to meet their needs. As your company grows and the workload increases, you can always revisit the decision.

2. Acquire Instant Expertise

The marketing landscape continues to change and change fast. It is more efficient having an expert guiding you than to try the DIY approach. The right partner can offer expertise in your business niche and experience in planning and executing successful mobile marketing campaigns. They’ll also likely have contacts who are social media experts, content writers and web design consultants, if you need help in those areas as well.

3. Access The Best Tools

Marketing agencies learn the latest productivity tools so that you don’t have to. Apps and subscription services such as MailChimp, Infusionsoft and MOBIT increase efficiency and provide powerful customer response metrics, but these tools can add up to many hundreds of dollars every month. By engaging the experts, you can avoid spending time keeping up with technology changes and deciding which tools work best for your company.

4. Free Up Staff Time

82% of SMBs say at least a quarter of all new sales comes from social media. That makes creating new content, engaging with customers and coming up with new ways of generating leads for prospective clients is important. But this all takes an ongoing time commitment. It's tempting to add mobile marketing duties to your existing staff, but most small business employees are already juggling multiple roles. Outsourcing to a partner makes more sense than delegating extra work to employees who don’t have time to make it a priority. As a bonus, you won’t have to spend company time and money training staff and keeping abreast of the latest trends. An agency is ready to work at 100% efficiency the moment you hire them.

5. Scale Up Or Down As Needed

If you rely on an in-house employee, the only way to scale up your efforts as your company expands and your marketing budget increases is to hire additional staff. In contrast, an agency’s team of experts continues to work with you and meet your needs as your business grows. Even if you reach the point where you do hire an in-house mobile marketing manager, it is still good practice to have a working relationship with an agency you trust. You never know when you’ll land a huge new client or experience a sudden workload increase where you’ll need extra help.

6. Get Outside Perspective

You and your staff probably have a very clear idea of the products/services you offer and your company’s goals, customer service approach and mission. However, when you have to explain everything to an outsider and collaborate with someone new, the ideas generated can be more creative and effective. A different perspective often leads to stellar results.

The Most Important Reason To Work With A Mobile Marketing Partner

Time. You free up your time and expertise to focus on making your business the best that it can be. With these responsibilities off your plate, you have more time to follow up on leads and deal with the influx of new customers coming from your next successful mobile marketing campaign.


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