MOBIT is the only Interactive Mobile Messaging Platform in the world that is both a standalone mobile marketing and messaging platform which includes the most advanced integration with Infusionsoft and enables you to connect your other cloud applications via Zapier.

If you are serious about mobile marketing and messaging, there simply is no comparison.

US Registered Company and Offices

If you are marketing in the US, Canada then this is important. Our team understands the many legal nuances of operating within the strict confines of the North American TCPA and CASL and ensure that your mobile messaging campaigns are compliant. Best of all, you can reach out during normal business hours and speak to someone. MOBIT also has offices in New Zealand which is where we all started.

Priority Phone Support

We offer phone support on all our annual plan accounts. Nothing can give you more piece of mind to know that you can reach out and call and expert. Our team of expert mobile marketers are on hand to assist when things don't go according to plan or maybe you just need a little help to push things across the line.

Personalized Messaging

The personalization of your mobile campaigns with MOBIT extends well beyond the simple text message and a first name. With MOBIT, you can merge any contact data from over 100 custom fields and 25 different custom field types. Any merge fields can be added to the text message and content of your landing pages.

Enterprise Class Server Platform

MOBIT operates on the Microsoft Azure cloud for enterprise class resilience and availability. We have fail-over redundancy from our primary cloud servers in the East Coast of the USA to Singapore.  With MOBIT and Microsoft Azure, you can be assured of the highest level of security, performance and availability. 

Premium Short Code Services

MOBIT use short-code services for SMS and MMS delivery exclusively. This ensures your messages are always TCPA and CASL compliant, delivered (long code services cannot guarantee delivery) and more importantly, via the fastest routes. Our multi-path routing delivers messages up to 90 messages per second versus long code providers that can only deliver 1 message every second.

USA & Canada - 72000 , United Kingdom - 88444, New Zealand - 268, Australia - 0458000 500. MOBIT also utilize a prioritized international long code +1 (323) 457 2288 for when companies are hosting international events where overseas visitors may be present. 

100 Data Capture Fields

MOBITs' unqiue mobile pages and intelligent forms enable you not only to present dynamic content that is highly personalized, but for lead capture, they offer the ultimate flexibility for marketers. Our CRM enables you to store, present and capture up to 100 data fields and up to 25 different data field types. Every form response is captured against the content record and held in your CRM ready for followup and action. 

Analysis and Reporting

MOBIT enables you to report on every interaction with your campaigns, messages and page content right down to which image your contact clicked on.  Utilizing our standard reporting templates  you can easily analyze the performance of your campaigns, conversion rates and so much more. You can download all campaign data and metrics in CSV format for more detailed analysis if required. 

Zapier Integration to Hundreds of Apps

MOBIT has a huge range of published ' Zaps'  in the Zapier marketplace that enables you to connect MOBIT to any of the application in the Zapier ecosystem. Messages and campaigns can be initiated from your own in-house applications and form data received from MOBITs' mobile pages can return this information to your own CRM system with ease. 

Full iFrame, CSS and Javascript Control on Pages

For the advanced level designer, MOBIT provides CSS and Javascript control on all pages.  iFrame support enables you to embed virtually any application to display on a MOBIT page as if you are looking at the native application. Take appointment bookings, complete complex surveys, take payments and so much more. Any application that supports iFrame can be used with your MOBIT interactive pages.

Email and Chat support

One thing is for sure, you will always need support when it comes to creating and managing your mobile campaigns. Our support teams cover most US time zones during business hours along with the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada and Australia. If we are not available immediately, we are never to far away.

Text to Join Keywords

Keywords are a staple of the mobile marketing. It is a call to action either in a marketing piece or from the stage that prompts the audience to ' Text in'  to receive the offer or more information. An example of this could be text MOBIT to 72000 to experience MOBIT. Go ahead, if you are in the USA or Canada, the short code to dial is 72000. Everyone else in the world can dial our international number +1 323 457 2288.

In-App Mobile Campaign Automation

With MOBIT you can create simple short term mobile messaging and marketing campaigns or sophisticated long term nurture campaigns that engage your lists and deliver messages and page content according to their interaction with you messages. Goals, workflow rules and advanced timers make all of this possible with ease. If you are using a marketing automation platform like Infusionsoft etc... then you can opt to drive your nurture campaigns direct from your dashboard.

TCPA and CASL Compliant

If you are messaging and marketing in the USA and Canada then this is of utmost importance to you. With penalties in excess of $1500 per message (retrospective), it pays to deal with a company that is not only compliant in terms of processes, but adopts the stringent language compliance and opt in/out processes to ensure you are working with the law.  Our short code SMS/MMS services are also TCPA compliant wheras Long code providers e.g (623) 555 3343 are not. 

Tier 1 Networks

MOBIT utilize Tier 1 network aggregators around the world to ensure 99% delivery rates and speeds up to 90 messages per second.  For campaigns and messages that require immediate delivery to your audience and lists, there is no other service you should be considering.  Messaging and marketing on long codes e.g (623) 353 5555 is not only illegal in the USA and Canada, the messages are generally blocked by Tier 1 carriers as they are seen as SPAM. With a message throughput rate of only 1 message per second, long codes may seem costs effective but are not effective for assured and urgent message delivery.

Done For You Campaigns

We understand that sometimes life gets a little busy. Other times, you really just want the result and not the hassle of setting up new things. At MOBIT, we have a whole range of options available to help you. From a gentle assist to get you started, all the way through to a full campaign strategy design and complete implementation.  We will even integrate MOBIT with your Infusionsoft account and other marketing systems if needed. 

Two Way Messaging

Whilst this is a very old form of capturing contact information, it is sometimes used today and for this reason MOBIT still provide this option. The problems with two way messaging to capture leads is the cost (there is a charge for each message sent and received), not to mention the cumbersome user experience. MOBIT landing pages and interactive forms have superseded two way messaging for obvious reasons. 

Multi-Path SMS/MMS Routes

Like the internet, the SMS networks of the world are a busy place and there are often bottlenecks when high priority traffic in large volumes are in motion. MOBIT has a pool of SMS routing short codes and priority long codes to ensure your messages are always delivered as fast as possible. When time is of the essence such as speaking in front of 1000 people, you do not want to keep your audience waiting. 

Our Own Interactive Mobile Pages


This is a unique component of MOBIT and our integrated pages are not just pretty pictures. MOBIT fundamentally believe that your message or marketing call-to-action should be presented on the beautiful devices we have today in a format in keeping with technology and user expectations of today.  Our pages though our far more than a URL link inside a text message. Whilst other platforms attempt to mimic our functionality, MOBIT pages and intelligent forms are integrated into the brains of MOBIT and as such form a significant part of overall automation process. Each mbit.ly link is unique to each contact which then tracks every single interaction from the time they leave the text message to when they leave the MOBIT page. All of this behavioral intelligence drives your automated marketing campaigns.  Our pixel perfect page editor combined with our extensive library of templates makes page creation a breeze for your mobile campaigns.

Multi-Step Landing Pages

Our Interactive mobile page builder enables you to create an almost infinite number of add on, thank you, up-sell, down-sell and jump pages.  Every page visit by your contact is captured and measured by way of the contact ID being passed from page to page.  Your campaigns are limited only to your imagination. Surveys, multi-step questions and more are created with ease in our landing page builder.