This program is designed for new MOBIT customers, particularly if you have not run mobile messaging and marketing programs before. Working with a dedicated mobile strategist, this program consists of three (3) distinct components outlined below, all designed to deliver your very first mobile campaign that will help you start building your mobile lists and generating leads.

One Time Fee


Here is what you can expect with your program.


Initial strategy session

Welcome aboard! We first start by understanding your business and what you are trying to achieve with mobile messaging and marketing. Your dedicated mobile strategist will work with you to formulate a plan for your first mobile campaign (up to a maximum of two mobile campaigns) to meet your requirements. Your Initial Strategy Session is conducted online and in English for a duration of 35 – 45 minutes.


Campaign design and build

This is where your mobile strategist works 'offline' against your brief, and with other team members to design and build your first mobile messaging and marketing campaign. They will create up to two (2) campaigns in your MOBIT account. Total work time for this phase is three (3) hours. Typical deliverables may include;

  • The design of your mobile landing pages

  • Workflow, goals and rules of your mobile campaign

  • Integration to your SaaS application (using Zapier.com or direct to Infusionsoft)

  • Social media lead campaigns (excludes social media post and or designs)

  • Short term mobile nurture sequences

  • Mobile 'keyword' campaigns

You can also request additional 'work time' from your mobile strategist at any time. You can even request regular monthly 'contracted services' if you would like us to run your entire mobile messaging and marketing programs for you.

Self paced learning

Whilst this is not compulsory, but it's a great way to learn all about MOBIT in your own time. Your mobile strategist may assign you small tasks to help you build your knowledge of our application. In between your 'online' sessions, we also suggest that you familiarize yourself with our in-app help facilities, including;

  • Our extensive knowledge base.

  • Step by step guided tutorials.

  • Access to our video tutorials.

  • Email and chat support.

Campaign review

This session is where we bring everything together for you. Your mobile strategist will take you through your campaign/s in detail, show you how your account was setup including any integration points.This 45 minute session is conducted online and in English. This is your opportunity to comment and request changes or enhancements.

Changes and enhacements

Changes and enhancements to your campaigns will be made as long as the total ‘work time’ does not exceed 45 minutes. Should additional ‘work time’ be required, your mobile strategist will provide a quote for this additional work. Your mobile strategist will provide you with an order form for you to accept prior to any work being initiated.


Ongoing support

Our team of mobile strategists and support staff are always available via our chat service. This level of support is provided free of charge. You can also request 'follow-up' online sessions, or even regular monthly reviews with your mobile strategist to assist you with your mobile campaigns. We have a range of Consulting Services 'bundles' to fit your budget. Phone support is available but only when a Consulting Service 'bundle' has been ordered and your account is in credit.


  • Is there a way to give Mobit and their staff a 6 star rating? I love the customer service and way that they are always willing to help me implement MOBIT and grow my business! So much more then just a "mobile messaging service" for your database! If you aren't using MOBIT, you are loosing money.

    Scott CarsonCEO WeCloseNotes
  • The team at MOBIT are simply amazing! I work with a lot of companies who say they are "customer centric." The team over at MOBIT doesn't just talk about it, they live it! If you're not already working with MOBIT or you're procrastinating in making the decision to work them -- You're Crazy! Get started now and you'll get the results you knew were possible. 

    Jaleel MannsDigital Manager Surge Homes
  • These guys totally 'get' mobile marketing and I should know. As former VP of Marketing for Infusionsoft I first introduced SMS to our business in mid 2000 so know the power of SMS for marketers. MOBIT though is a whole new ball game. They were the first to really move beyond SMS and develop dynamic and integrated mobile 'landing pages' for response from SMS. Integrating the power of MOBIT with Infusionsoft is just incredible. 

    Tyler GarnsCEO Box Out Marketing