learn how ACTION COACH FILLS THEIR seminars WITH mobit 

"We just promoted a Brad Sugars seminar in Auckland, and our best email results were 18% open and 1.5% click through. Fortunately, MOBIT's mobile SMS marketing is unlike anything I have ever seen - our open rate was 63% and click through 37%, which was astounding. The MOBIT landing page was awesome and the data capture forms and automated sequences are a different proposition all together. MOBIT is really a game changer for event and seminar companies."

Warwick Beauchamp
Action Coach


Brad Sugars UNCENSORED Seminar Series


When putting on a top-level Brad Sugars ActionCOACH seminar series, it's imperative that you reach as many people as possible to ensure they have ample opportunity to make their calendars available to hear the great information from the world's renowned business coach. Email campaigns are great, but on their own they only capture 4 - 5% of the audience (once you factor in junk mail, spam filters, unread mail etc...). 

"Today's business owners are busier that ever and more often than not out and about tending to their business, employees and customers. It sure makes sense to market and communicate via SMS for speed and coverage, but the 'plain text nature' of SMS is just not inspiring or compelling from a marketing perspective. Then, we found MOBIT and all that changed." 


A series of personalized MOBIT messages were created very quickly for the Action Coaches to send to their clients advising them of the special 'Brad Sugars' FREE seminar series. The landing pages were customized in minutes using the MOBIT landing page editor. These included an advertorial from Brad Sugars and other key sales information specifically designed to generate an immediate response. The landing page was able to capture key audience interactions including page views, link clicks, video views and of most importantly, was able to capture the registration details via the unique MOBIT form widget. All of this interaction and information was available against each contact within MOBITs contact management system.

MOBIT Auto message reminder to event



The Opt in Process

ActionCOACH have an extensive email list but until MOBIT, did not capture mobile numbers from their clients or prospects. Many of the ActionCOACH advisers had personal lists with 'mobile opt in permission' so in these cases, MOBIT messages were sent to these lists. 

To grow their mobile opt in list, a special 'call-out' was made from the stage during the introduction for the audience to text the 'keyword' ACTION to 268 (MOBIT short code in New Zealand) and receive more ActionCOACH information plus a chance to win a lifetime FREE subscription to MOBIT (valued at $5,000). A postcard size double sided flyer was also placed on all 500 seats in the conference room which promoted the special offer to the delegates.


The ActionCOACH team achieved outstanding results with their MOBIT campaigns. The open and click through rates of 63% and 37% respectively enabled the team to deliver seminar content, videos and sales messages, with the added bonus of being able to engage their opt in list after the event. Utilizing the MOBIT web widget forms, the team were also able to capture detailed information on each attendee, all of which would never have been possible with plain text messaging.


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