learn how property apprentice saves thousands and fills their weekly seminars through radio advertising, mobit sms campaigns and infusionsoft. 

"We could not believe the power that MOBIT brought to our marketing. The leads we now capture with MOBIT and the automated follow up and reminders to our prospects smartphones is truly amazing. MOBIT surpassed our wildest expectations."

 Adam Love 
Property Coach






Property Apprentice, a leading New Zealand property investment coaching company, spends a significant part of their marketing budget on local radio advertising. Realizing the added benefit of text marketing for radio advertising, they enlisted the service of a local plain text message provider. At the end of each week, a staff member would receive a ‘spreadsheet’ of respondents to the radio advertisement where they would then drain hours of calling time following up with these prospects to confirm their attendance at one of Property Apprentice’s seminars.    

Simply put, the company didn’t have the time or the manpower to complete such an endeavor, especially as they were putting thousands of investment dollars into this marketing venture. Then Property Apprentice found MOBIT, and the situation reversed wholly.


Before MOBIT, Property Apprentice had no idea that effective lead generation on mobile (and certainly via SMS) was possible. 
Previously, the only objective was to call each number generated by the radio offer and confirm their attendance at one of the company’s free property coaching seminars.   It was excessively time consuming and tedious. Drastic measures needed to be taken.

With MOBIT, Property Apprentice was able to balance email nurture sequences with SMS marketing. This successful marketing venture allowed them to keep their prospects engaged, draw them to the event and then up-sell them to their coaching program.

Rather than just a simple text response in ‘black and white’, Property Apprentice now provides prospects with tons of information and ways to make contact by the user friendly mobile pages delivered via MOBIT. 

"The common complaint from our clients was often - we hardly ever receive your emails and newsletters via email.  Either they missed them due to the volume of mail they receive or their spam filters would block the messages"

MOBIT enables Property Apprentice to get messages directly to their clients, wherever they are, with the information they need to make informed property decisions.

MOBIT Auto response page from radio
advertisement (Text 'TICKET' to 268)


The Opt in Process

Property Apprentice use radio exclusively to generate 'inbound' sales inquiries. The 'call-to-action' is for the radio listeners to register to attend a FREE property investment seminar by texting their SMS keyword 'TICKET' to their MOBIT short code (244). The prospect is then sent a MOBIT message with the link to a customized landing page that details the seminars available in their area and times in which they can attend. On their MOBIT landing page, they are prompted to enter more detailed information such as their first and last name, plus an email address for an information pack to be delivered to. 

On submission, they are presented with a MOBIT 'thank you page' that presents a ' bonus 42 page report' on how to build property wealth in 100 days. The client details are immediately synchronized with their Infusionsoft account which is integrated with MOBIT. A pre-configured Infusionsoft campaign sequence then automatically delivers a copy of the 'bonus report' to the prospect's email inbox.  



On the day of the seminar, MOBIT sends a scheduled message reminder which includes a Google map and parking instructions for the venue. Further follow-up nurture content is sent to the prospect post the seminar event from Property Apprentice's Infusionsoft campaign which includes scheduled email and MOBIT messages. The prospect is able to opt-out of all mobile communications at any time by selecting the 'unsubscribe' button at the base of every MOBIT landing page. 


Before MOBIT, Property Apprentice hadn't realized the potential of mobile marketing lead generation (and certainly via SMS). Now, MOBIT is a critical part of the Property Apprentice 'marketing engine.' The business has been able to rationalize their radio advertizing spend and know exactly which radio stations are delivering the best results. Not only that, the Property Apprentice seminars are always full to overflowing and sales have sky rocketed. If that wasn't good enough, MOBIT being integrated to their Infusionsoft marketing automation system provides them with seamless and organized marketing between mobile and email. "It's a great marriage," says Adam Love. 

MOBIT enabled Property Apprentice to respond automatically to prospects that text the “TICKET” keyword from radio ads. Once prospects do this, they are presented with a user-friendly mobile web page that briefly explains offers and asks them to fill in their name and email address for an information pack. The MOBIT technology automatically sends thank you messages that provide the audience with a list of seminars they can attend, and delivers instructions via Google maps from their MOBIT landing page on how to get there.

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