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As a financial adviser you will no doubt be working within tight parameters as to things you can and can't do as far as messaging and marketing to your clients, particularly using text. From experience, we have found that a very simple and effective way to communicate with your client via the text channel is to send occasional messages with relevant content to your audience.  MOBIT enables you to send not only text, but intelligent mobile pages that when clicked, present your content on your clients smartphone beautifully and clearly. You can include videos, pdf documents, links to other website and use feedback forms to gather additional information from your clients. As financial advisers though, we always recommend that you check with your company first to ensure that you have the correct disclaimers and wording in your messages. 

Note:  Remember to make sure your mobile messages and call-to-actions are compliant! For a typical messaging program, this means making sure you include what people should expect to receive when they opt in, how frequently you will send text messages, instructions on how to opt-out, a link to terms and conditions and privacy policy, and a “Message and Data Rates May Apply” disclosure.

If you’re not sure, call your MOBIT Customer Success Strategists at 855 662 4876 or email to review your advertising materials. We’re always happy to help!


Here's how

  • Send your clients quarterly video updates informing them of news items that are relevant to the assets and insurances you are managing for them.
  • Yearly reviews are super important to not only inform your clients of changes in the markets but also to keep abreast of changes within your clients personal and business life that may need additional cover and protection. Send your clients a text and mobile page message that includes a personalized video from you and even a calendar option for your client to select a time that suits their schedule. 
  • Your clients lives are ever changing and it's only the best advisers that keep pace with this change to ensure they are providing the best service and the best advice.  Send quarterly messages with our mobile page forms that enable your clients to easily and simply complete a survey that lets you know of any changes in the family and business situation that you should be aware of.
  • Cut down on those 'no show' meetings by sending a simple text reminder and mobile page that displays their confirmed meeting date and time. 
  • Important deadline reminders: Text any important dates, such as tax or retirement planning deadlines. 
  • Notifications: Text clients when statements or quarterly performance reports are available, alerts of interest rates, or anything else your client may find valuable. 



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