Mobile Marketing Automation for Fitness Centers

Keeping your members returning to the gym and renewing their membership is vital. So to are a constant flow of new members to keep the vibrancy of the gym alive and the cash tills ringing. Whilst your members will not be checking email, you can be sure they will always have their smartphones with them and that their text messages are checked when they arrive. Use our text service and MOBITs awesome landing pages to communicate with your members, promote new programs, send class reminders, new programs and so much more.   

But how does text marketing for gyms work and why is MOBIT so different? Outlined on the right are some of our favorite mobile marketing ideas for fitness clubs.

Note:  Remember to make sure your mobile messages and call-to-actions are compliant! For a typical messaging program, this means making sure you include what people should expect to receive when they opt in, how frequently you will send text messages, instructions on how to opt-out, a link to terms and conditions and privacy policy, and a “Message and Data Rates May Apply” disclosure.

If you’re not sure, call your MOBIT Customer Success Strategists at 855 662 4876 or email to review your advertising materials. We’re always happy to help!


Here's how

  • Personalized Workout Plans 
    Some people also respond well to reminders about their morning workout – what it consists of, how long it should be. Figure out a long-term strategy with a member, schedule daily texts with awesome mobile page content to go out just before their workout is due to begin.
  • Diet Plans 
    Scheduled MOBIT text messages and mobile page content can help people stay regimented with their diets. Send out reminders each day – allowing for preparation time – and include recipes, nutritional information with videos they can watch on the run.   
  • Promotions and Cross Marketing 
    Using mobile messaging and markeing for fitness means taking a holistic approach to the needs of your members. If, for example, you have a semi-regular course trainer with an uncertain schedule, you can create a list of members who attend their classes and let them know the next time they can book in. Our mobile pages enable you to do that with ease. 
  • Send out class schedules to your members but not with hundreds of text messages. Use of rich content landing pages and present as much information as you like to your members. Why not include a motivational video whilst you are at it.  
  • Promote your unique gym keyword (e.g text fitness to 72000) for members to keep up to date with class times, new members, course changes and invitation to special fitness events.  
  • Gym members love having facilities available all to themselves. Send out mass messages to your members letting them know when the guy is quiet. Group your members so that you know which are in close proximity to the gym and therefore more likely to pop in on those quiet days and rainy evenings.



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