For Political Parties

Reach potential voters by text message and MOBITs intelligent mobile pages that display your party messaging and key issues in rich vibrant color. A key part of any political campaign strategy should be selecting the right communications tools and SMS text messaging combined with intelligent mobile pages from MOBIT can help you get your message out quickly to supporters and voters. Organize rallies, register new voters, increase voter turnout and remind supporters about the key issues of your campaign. 

Note:  Remember to make sure your mobile messages and call-to-actions are compliant! For a typical messaging program, this means making sure you include what people should expect to receive when they opt in, how frequently you will send text messages, instructions on how to opt-out, a link to terms and conditions and privacy policy, and a “Message and Data Rates May Apply” disclosure.

If you’re not sure, call your MOBIT Customer Success Strategists at 855 662 4876 or email to review your advertising materials. We’re always happy to help!


Here's how

  • Use a unique mobile keyword to promote your campaign and sign up new supporters and potential voters (e.g text JOHNSON to 72000 and hear my campaign message).
  • Recruit new supporters via your text in keyword and keep them updated on campaign progress with videos hosted on your MOBIT intelligent pages sent via SMS.   
  • Ask your supporters to rank the key issues and how they feel about your campaign using MOBITs 'on page' survey forms. 
  • Get instant feedback on key issues using text and survey pages.  
  • Send video messages of thanks to your campaign team and keep them motivated.  
  • Use text and MOBIT intelligent mobile pages to inform your supporters of upcoming rallies and meetings. Include maps for driving directions to ensure they find their way there on the day.  
  • Send reminder messages about voting cutoff dates for registration and include links to registration forms.  



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