Marketing Automation for Professional Speakers 

As a world class speaker, your time is your most valuable asset. Whether you have 50 or 5000 people in front of you, their attention is on you and your content for the duration of your presentation. Maximize this time and opportunity to engage your audience post the event by using a unique keyword (e.g text Fascinate to 72000)  during your presentation to have your audience 'opt in' to receive your 'special offer' or simply more information on your speaking topic.  You can be 100% sure that 99% of your audience will have their smartphones on them during your presentation.  A MOBIT text message and mobile landing page will provide them with a memorable experience of your presentation and give them an opportunity to engage with you post the event. 

Sally Hogshead on stage

Note:  Remember to make sure your mobile messages and call-to-actions are compliant! For a typical messaging program, this means making sure you include what people should expect to receive when they opt in, how frequently you will send text messages, instructions on how to opt-out, a link to terms and conditions and privacy policy, and a “Message and Data Rates May Apply” disclosure.

If you’re not sure, call your MOBIT Customer Success Strategists at 855 662 4876 or email to review your advertising materials. We’re always happy to help!


Here's how

  • Promote your unique mobile keyword (e.g text fascinate to 72000) when on stage and have your audience 'text in' to receive your personal video message, offer or complimentary content.
  • Invite your audience to 'opt in' to your special mobile channel to receive 'member only' tips, special content, video updates, motivational quotes and great offers.   
  • Let your subscribers know when and where you will be speaking. Provide location and registration links and personal invitations. 
  • Promote your latest books or content with inspirational video teasers sent via MOBIT text and your mobile landing pages.  
  • Promote your mobile channel via social media by using your 'opt in' page forms that automatically register your subscribers with the correct and compliant language.  
  • Add your unique keyword and QR code to your event collateral to provide multiple ways for your audience to contact you post the event.



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