Mobile Marketing for Tradespeople

Take booking requests for future jobs when you are on the job!.  By using an unique SMS keyword (e.g Text Builder to 72000) to advertise your trade business and skills, your customers can not only find you easily, but get a professional response and page where they can enter their details for you to contact them about their requirements. You can even alert yourself on the job with a text message to let you know you have a new customer request. 

Note:  Remember to make sure your mobile messages and call-to-actions are compliant! For a typical messaging program, this means making sure you include what people should expect to receive when they opt in, how frequently you will send text messages, instructions on how to opt-out, a link to terms and conditions and privacy policy, and a “Message and Data Rates May Apply” disclosure.

If you’re not sure, call your MOBIT Customer Success Strategists at 855 662 4876 or email to review your advertising materials. We’re always happy to help!

Here's how

  • Advertise your trade services in local newspapers and rather than use a phone number where you miss the call when on the job, have them text in your unique keyword (e.g text Builder to 72000) to receive your return thankyou message and a page where they can supply more information about the services they require. Then have MOBIT send this information to you via email or text to alert you of a new job request.
  • Add your 'keyword' to your business card so your customers can always get on touch with you via text.
  • Send your customers regular updates on the progress of their jobs.
  • Let your customers know when you have completed their jobs and have them provide you with feedback on how satisfied they were with your services using a simple MOBIT survey page.  Standout from your competitors by going that extra mile to show you care. 
  • Promote your keyword on Facebook to attract new customers.
  • Display your text call-to-action on all digital signage .
  • Add a SMS call-to-action to your direct mail postcards and other handout material. 
  • Add your keyword to your work vehicle to people on the road can text you immediately. Your vehicle on the road is a very useful marketing asset so take full advantage of the opportunity this provides you. 



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