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  • MOBIT is the most innovative mobile messaging and marketing solution I have ever seen. Built specifically and beautifully for the mobile world.

    Eric Waldman Microsoft
  • We needed a solution to easily get our guests to opt in to a sales and marketing funnel. Mobit was presented with other solutions. Hands down, MOBIT by far was the best choice. Their training is world class and their support phenomenal. Second, the application itself is one of the easiest to use and customize on the fly. In 30 years of marketing I've never seen a tool as powerful as this. If you want more leads, prospects, customers and sales...GET MOBIT!

    Scott Leslie Consultant to Marriot Hotels
  • These guys totally 'get' mobile marketing and I should know. As former VP of Marketing for Infusionsoft I first introduced SMS to our business in mid 2000 so know the power of SMS for marketers. MOBIT though is a whole new ball game. They were the first to really move beyond SMS and develop dynamic and integrated mobile 'landing pages' for response from SMS. Integrating that technology with Infusionsoft is just incredible. I've used MOBIT with clients for things like text to vote and it's been an awesome experience. Instead of having to text something separate for each vote, they text in once, it kicks back a link, the user clicks the link and they vote on the page. Smooth. Good work guys!.

    Tyler Garns Box Out Marketing
  • The professionalism of the MOBIT team has been outstanding. Helping us integrate MOBIT and Infusionsoft has been a seamless experience with their expertise..

    Drew Paras The Franchise Group
  • MOBIT may very well be one of the coolest bits of technology for business that I have come across in years. New technology and ways to communicate are great, but technology that leverages our existing behavior and habits and makes it easy to do so, now that's something special. Combining Text messaging with intelligent mobile web pages and in particular video gives us the edge in how we communicate and engage with the people we serve.

    Baz Gardner The Social Adviser
  • MOBIT is a fantastic Mobile Marketing application to be used stand alone or in conjunction with Infusionsoft. It takes the sales funnel to next level.

    Brad Golchin The Wise Academy
  • MOBIT has been a game changer for my business. Advanced mobile dynamic response marketing at it's finest! Multi-keyword inbound data assimilation as well as fully infusionsoft integrated outbound campaigns are top notch. All with a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface that helps you to build the most beautiful high converting landing pages in the mobile marketing space. And their customer support? I give them an A+++ AND Five Stars.

    Martijin Tilborgh Kidmin Academy
  • Marketing is mobile. Fact. To be successful we need easy to use solutions that provide the powerful tools. MOBIT does that beautifully. SMS, adaptive Landing Pages, Campaign Automation and Integration to my Infusionsoft campaigns are all basic requirements. MOBIT is the only solution I have found that I am confident to recommend to Infusionsoft Users.

    David Holland Exela
  • MOBIT is the most innovative mobile marketing solution for small and medium sized business that I have ever seen.  After executing mobile marketing campaigns for the last decade, MOBIT is the best tool for SMB's to get started using mobile marketing and automating their campaigns for the maximum results.

    Greg Hickman Mobile Marketing Engine
  • MOBIT mobile landing pages for SMS are just awesome. No other mobile SMS application even comes close in my opinion. The landing page EDITOR is so easy to use, your mobile campaigns can be up and running in minutes.

    Cassie Yang Digital Stream
  • Every once in a while, we run into an extraordinary vendor. This week, I encountered one of these rare beings. Mobit (and SMS marketing company) has been an awesome company and Jim Koch has been a hero – helping us to set up our first campaigns and working to get it just right. These guys care, and their service is remarkable.

  • MOBIT provided us with a fantastic way to contact our delegates in a super timely fashion, and in a direct way without being lost amongst a cluttered email inbox. The system also provided a unique way to capture data, and the speed of creating landing pages to link through from the SMS’s is truly amazing.  Just awesome. Five Stars

    Daniel Elder DMG Events
  • The team at MOBIT are simply amazing! I work with a lot of companies who say they are "customer centric." The team over at MOBIT doesn't just talk about it, they live it! If you're not already working with MOBIT or you're procrastinating in making the decision to work them -- You're Crazy! Get started now and you'll get the results you knew were possible. My clients love Mobit and that makes me a super hero to everyone I work with. Thanks for everything

    Jaleel Manns Surge Homes
  • I have been using MOBIT to capture opt ins via SMS for multiple speaking engagements, and I am absolutely thrilled with it. Early in the session, I place a slide up with my unique KEYWORD and invite attendees to opt in to receive an overview of my notes and useful resources. The uptake has been brilliant, and my list has been expanding rapidly. The two things that I love about MOBIT, is (1) it’s brilliant look and feel and (2) the level of support we receive from MOBIT. Highly recommended!!

    Laurel Mclay
  • Is there a way to give Mobit and their staff a 6 star rating??? I love the customer service and way that they are always willing to help me implement Mobit and grow my business! Mobit is a key tool in what we do as real estate entrepreneurs and educational marketeting and these guys rock! So much more then just a "mobile messaging service" for your database! If you aren't using Mobit, you are loosing money!

    Scott Carson WE CLOSE NOTES
  • MOBIT is simply amazing. Its so versatile, easy to use and customizable in ways which will make your business grow effortlessly. The training I have received has been superior to any other could application I have used and I really look forward to seeing what my coach will show me next!

    Neil Owens PODFIT UK
  • MOBIT enables my attendees to have instant access to my white papers, videos and contact information at my events and more importantly, enables me to continue personalized and intimate conversations post event

    Juliet Funt
  • I would like to say that without a doubt, the attention to getting us fully implemented with this new technology has rarely been experienced by me with any other company I would highly recommend the technology and the team to any one.

    Ian Marsh
  • Nothing creates greater impact to your speed to market than MENTORS. MOBIT and their team will help you reach your desired success faster with more clarity than any other product you can use, PERIOD! When you are touching people FAST you need to deliver your message easily, quickly and more importantly with awesome content, not just plain text. MOBIT enables you to do this beautifully. The MOBIT team are amazing Mentors

    Peter Anthony
  • With MOBIT on our side, we are converting audiences into customers at a truly unprecedented rate. MOBIT's ability to understand our funnel and quickly adapt it for text messaging has allowed us to engage with everyone we come across effortlessly

    Re Perez
  • Mobit has been a blessing in offering a truly elegant mobile experience for Infusionsoft customers. It has opened so may new opportunities for businesses we deal with, providing more innovative ways to delight the imagination and expand the 'what's possible'. The customer support is outstanding, nothing is too much trouble. A feature that is often sadly lacking with some technology-driven companies. Thanks to the whole team at Mobit. You rock.

    Krisin Moolman
  • MOBIT and their support team are truly amazing.

    Sally Hogshead HOWTOFACSINATE
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